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With web-based applications, there is always a possibility of exposing highly confidential data such as employee details, company financial records, etc. At Innovative, we recognize that identifying this exposure and the extent to which it can damage an organization is a major part of software testing. Innovative offers industry leading tools and vastly experienced professionals to detect application vulnerabilities in order to prevent the client from incurring financial and reputational damage.

Innovative can help reduce risk in your web applications through:

  • - Compliance Testing
  • - Usability Testing
  • - Functional Testing
    • - White Box Testing / code reviews
    • - Gray Box Testing
    • - Black Box Testing
  • - Performance Testing
    • - Load Testing
    • - Scalability Testing
  • - Automation Testing
  • - Security Testing
  • - Agile Testing
  • - SOA Testing

Effective testing means a combination of searching for technical vulnerabilities and recognizing logical application flaws. Our testing services management team will work with your application and project teams to come up with a specific testing strategy for your business.   Our testing services teams employ both automated and manual techniques to discover the most serious application vulnerabilities and report the findings.  After identifying the baseline vulnerabilities, our teams will work with your development experts to discover the presence of application logic flaws that can be exploited by hackers targeting the site, along with exposures that could be a result of errors and omissions. 


Our web application testing services will help prevent unauthorized access to your critical data.   Not only do Innovative’s assessments assist in identifying application weaknesses, our testing services teams provide recommendations on how to effectively prevent them in the future. We do this by:

  • - Identifying areas of concern in the application and discovering areas of exposure
  • - Reporting potential impact and its extent
  • - Recommending the needed improvements in the overall security structure of the application
  • - Classifying results as high, medium, low impact to help prioritize solution activities
  • - Creating coding frameworks for preventing high impact vulnerabilities for future projects

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