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Mobile technology has become an integral part of world and therefore an attractive market for many businesses. Most, if not all, organizations are now looking to improve their capacities in this area by increasing their usage of mobile hardware and through custom mobile applications. At Innovative, we are experienced in developing customer-centric applications for the various mobile platforms. Some of our mobile applications are successfully used in IPTV applications, for Video on Demand services, and for social networking.

At Innovative, we have experienced software development teams with experience in developing interactive, user-friendly mobile applications on various platforms. Following the analysis of your business requirements in the mobile application space, our experienced teams and architects develop robust applications for you. Innovative can provide you with support for the development of iPhone and iOS based mobile applications. Innovative also has experienced Java developers familiar with Google’s Android SDK. Our application developers can help you harness the unlimited possibilities of Android and its comprehensive set of development tools. As a result, we can effectively help you create dynamic to transform your existing products and services.

Tools & Technology Used

- Android Platform

- Eclipse – HELIOS

- iOS

- Objective C

- XCode-4

We assist clients to develop mobile applications for

  • - Business software and solutions
  • - Porting web applications to a mobile platform
  • - Productivity apps, utilities and solutions
  • - Mobile client software and multimedia apps
  • - Internet apps
  • - Hassle free access to team with no additional effort in head-hunt and hiring
  • - We recognize your business language and technology needs
  • - Short turnaround times
  • - Expertise in web and desktop based applications too
  • - A balanced team with proven experience and desirable energies

Our forte

  • - Custom Mobile Application Development
  • - Business and Enterprise Mobile Application Solutions
  • - Icon, Mock and Theme Design for Mobile Applications
  • - Developing Mobile Applications in Android.
  • - Conceptualizing Mobile Applications and eliciting requirements
  • - Developing Server-side and Infrastructure, including Location & Mapping services
  • - Launching and Distributing Mobile Applications
  • - OTA download (e.g., install & upgrade)
  • - OEM embedded
  • - Application Stores
  • - Carrier Catalogs and Storefronts
  • - Providing Maintenance and Support Services

Our Service Spectrum includes:

  • - Strategic Mobility Consulting
  • - Mobile App Development
  • - Mobile Application Testing
  • - Mobile Application Porting
  • - Mobile Games Development

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