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Innovative has significant experience in the space of QA Testing on Mobile Side Applications. We have provided services to many of the large telecom companies as well to companies offering mobile cloud-based solutions.

Innovative sees the cloud as the future for mobile testing, but also recognizes that testing sometimes needs to be done on a device-by-device basis. Some of the other services that we can provide include running scripts against mobile apps and web apps and also running manual tests.

Mobile testing can help your business:

  • - Identify and solve quality issues before they become emerge
  • - Ensure efficient and robust application performance across all platforms
  • - Meet user load capacities and response time requirements

The capabilities of mobile QA & Testing:

  • Functional Testing Services
  • Innovative follows rigorous quality standards across all functional aspects of software, including regression, integration, risk-based, compliance, and configuration.
  • Performance Testing Services
  • We can provide services to make it convenient and practical for your business to ensure that solutions meet user load capacity and response time needs.
  • Automation Testing Services
  • We can provide these services to ensure the recovery of your technology budgets and investment and at the same time ensure quick testing turnaround time.


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