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Our teams analyze information from projects completed helping us identify various technological trends and client requirements. Our approach to Business Intelligence (BI) banks on knowledge of resources groomed in-house, as well as outside the organization, thus creating information assets that drive enterprise transformation and value realization. When implementing Data Warehousing and BI solutions we strive to follow and implement the best industry standards in our approach and methodologies. We bring industry leading practices, lessons learnt and value realization to our clients in all solutions.

Efficient Solutions for your enterprise:

Performance: Businesses that strive for performance utilize data to distinguish themselves from the rest. A surge in regulatory compliance has triggered a growing demand for enhanced performance. In order to define strategy, translate it into computable objectives, and manage performance; it is vital to ensure precise integration and the use of metrics, processes and tools.

Data Warehousing:  Data complexity and higher volumes of data have forced enterprises to look for efficient and accessible means of data storage. Data warehouses in turn prove to become the most suitable containers that not only store and secure the data efficiently but also make data accessible to the required streams in quick turnovers. Creation of a DW environment requires analysis in terms of the architecture, hardware platforms, storage, tool selections, data modeling, ETL and end-user reporting. Since data warehousing caters not just to the current but also future needs, it demands pioneering approaches to efficiently scale data warehouses and optimize their performance.

Business Analytics: Accessing business data becomes a challenge for companies that need to respond to rapidly evolving markets and changing customer dynamics. The goal of high-end business analytics is to transform useful, but often marginalized data resources into something that lets business managers immediately take hold of the dynamic state of their business.

Evolution of Technology: Today's market offers numerous products, often with competing claims. With many new ventures and varying degrees of product maturity, cutting through the maze isn’t easy. The right technology should be. The decision to select the right technology spans across critical factors like infrastructure, growth, demand and cost. Technology is constantly evolving, along with the availability of multiple choices and architectures to agree with different requirements.

Data Quality: The core of any Business Intelligence initiative rests upon the quality of data. It is essential to define data quality from the client's standpoint, and then define the appropriate architecture and processes for effective management. Refining the data through effective data cleansing procedures and filtering out data defects at the granular stage helps in quicker analysis and processing of data which results in efficient and effective reporting.

Stable Environment: Building the actual data warehouse is only one phase of the process. The right and stable environment is critical to effect a transformation. This can be achieved by utilizing information efficiently and effectively, which involves a thorough understanding of critical success factors, ensuring management support, identifying risks and preparing mitigation plans, and establishing data governance and stewardship programs.


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